Thursday, May 30, 2013

Kai brings her song and magical dancing to "Peter Pan," for a 6 night run at  The House of Yes.  Join Peter and the lost boys for a modern re-telling of the beloved tale where the faeries are real, and you never have to go home.  Kai will debut her new song "Curiosity," and perform as a mermaid songstress and native shaman.  Don't miss your chance to fly away into the dream. . .

There’s a piece of Never Ever Land in Brooklyn- The House of Yes theater. It is just big enough to tell a wonderful story that’s been told and retold for over 120 years. 120 years later, however, the world is no longer pure and the little boys and girls are no longer well behaved. Fairy tales have become psychedelic science fiction where sex and violence are rampant. Attention spans are shorter, the lights are brighter and the music has a lot of bass.

We have cast Salvador Dali as Captain James Hook.
Wendy and Peter have phenomenal chemistry. The 22 person cast is the cream of the crop of NYC’s nightlife and cabaret scenes. We all already know how to fly. That is the easy part.

Show will run Friday May 31st; Saturday June 1st; Sunday, June 2nd; Friday, June 7th; Saturday June 8th; and Sunday June 9th. Doors at 7, show at 8.
(Tickets $20-$35


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