Sunday, June 15, 2014

PEX Summerfest: Temple of BOOM

Kai performs at the Temple of BOOM over the 4th of July weekend at PEX Summerfest in Darlington, MD.  Come find her in the ruins, and be ready for adventure!  

The year is 1939 and much of the world is still undiscovered, few adventures have dared to chart the PEXizonian jungle, but our HERo has learned of an artifact so rich in history and power she can not let it fall into the hands of evil! Who is our HERo you ask? None other than YOU! And you are about to enter the TEMPLE OF BOOM!
Be prepared to search for the Golden Ankhs, battle ancient curses and make near misses of certain demise! You will find yourself in ancient ruins, pharaoh's tombs and Old world Piro, where you can trust no one, but you and your whip!
Be Prepared!
For this adventure you will need the following Items:
1. A sense of adventure, cunning archeology skills and willingness to play
2. A cup for your magic potions, elixirs and anti-venoms - Don’t forget this one!
3. Your best Adventurer Costume!

Open 10:30-2:30 Friday
Open 10:30-2:30 Saturday (post-burn)

Monday, June 2, 2014

Kai Altair Wins VISIONFEST Independent Vision Award!

Dreams of the Last Butterflies is now an award winning film!  Congratulations to Kai Altair and Michael W. Pflug for their VISIONFEST Independent Vision Award for Best Short Film Score of the festival!  Many thanks to Dave Sharma and Dhruva Ganesan of SubSwara for the amazing production of the theme song "Change."


Next up for the Butterflies is FilmQuest in Salt Lake City--held at the largest fantasy convention in the world with judges from the cast of Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit.