Thursday, October 11, 2012

'Dreams of The Last Butterflies' Takes Flight:

With the help of butterfly lovers and dreamers around the world, 'Dreams of The Last Butterflies' reached its Kickstarter fundraising goal!  The message of the mini-epic tale about the extinction of one of the world's most loved creatures is already reaching many hearts, and the filmmakers are wasting no time in turning the dream into reality.  The crowd-funded filming is already wrapped, and post production has begun!  Editing, music, and movie magick are in the works.  Thanks and gratitude to all who have touched this dream--from funding, to production, to the world class cast and crew. With your help, the tale of the Butterfly Queens will soon reach many, many people. 
                            Evgeniya Radilova as The Acraea Swordtail Butterfly Queen


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