Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kickstarting 'Dreams of The Last Butterflies'

The Kickstarter Campaign for 'Dreams of The Last Butterflies' is LIVE, and the pledges are picking up steam!  Join with butterfly, fantasy, and dream lovers around the world to help support this dark fantasy focused on helping endangered butterflies.  Kai Altair is cast one of the Butterfly Queens who enters human dreams to try to understand why humans are destroying their world.  She will also score the music, which includes a new song written for the film.  Pledges of $15 or more will recieve a free download of the song, and 'Special Thanks' in the credits of the film.  Want to become the 'Butterfly Queen's Muse' for a day?  One generous donor will receive a custom song written and recorded by Kai.   Look below to find out more about the project, the creations already in progress, and the dream of giving a voice to 'the last butterflies'. . . so that they are not the last:


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