Friday, February 8, 2013

February Shows in Brooklyn & Innerspace:

 Gemini & Scorpio Present:
 Gowanus loft turned into Queen Titania's forest: dark, verdant, cozy, and snuggle-friendly. The twinkling of fairy lights will call forth the fairies themselves, and beware: perhaps Puck himself might touch your eyes with his potent love potion. Recline and drift in the pleasures of intimate performance, tales told in glistening flesh, and exotic cocktails. Move with the music, getting dangerously close to your partner. Visit the green fairy at the bar.

Live performances appear at intervals throughout the space. Faerie love songs and foxfire by Kai Altair, with hypnotic rhythms by Natalia Perlaza. Eclectic variations of past tunes by Subrosa. Scintillating perambulations by Fire-Faery Paige. Instrumental chilled-funk-remix set by Cloud. The marble Galatea will come to life before your eyes. Birthday cake spectacle at midnight.

Dress suggestions (not required): let wild nature, real and imagined, serve as inspiration: winged and feathered; nearly nude & glittered; horned and naughty; druids, fairy folk, witches, familiars, enchanted animals, elves, gnomes and sprites; lovers lost in the wood.

Feb 16, 9pm-late, 21+ (25+ recommended)
$20 until 1am / $10 after / $40 combo with "Midsummer Night's Dream"
G&S loft, Gowanus, BK, RSVP on website for address
Details & RSVP:


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