Sunday, November 27, 2011


It has been just over a week since my fire initiation with Flambeaux Fire LLC at the Gowanus Ballroom. After 2 grueling & inspired weeks of production, 'The Calling' came to life in a whirl music, dance, and transformational flames. In a show complete with a flaming horse, a fire faerie, and Medusa, I stepped into the land of imagination and dreams. . .

While working on the show I was inspired by the words of my friend, and prolific artist Katelan Foisy in her recent blog entitled 'Fire Muse':

"I’m soft again and using the fire muse for light rather than cleansing. The fire muse helps those in darkness move forward. Fire is passion and creativity, it is language and education, light and life. I’m preparing myself to make magic. To go into the depths of my paintings again. Time becomes a blur once more.
To the practicing alchemist fire is a catalyst. It initiates and completes metaphysical evidence while signifying progression passageways to the higher self, and goals to attain solar embodiment (in both literal and philosophical senses). By accepting and becoming intertwined with fire is to be transformed, cleansed, consumed and elevated out of limitation. By working with fire, we become the Phoenix."

photos by RoMo


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