Monday, December 26, 2011

Long dark nights. . .

"Winter has arrived. The long nights unwind beneath my fingertips, and the songs sing out. I call upon the wisdom of oak & birch, and whisper rhymes on the midnight air. This is what it is to let go of the outer world. This is how it feels to turn down shows, parties, and New York City's constant advances. I am free, flying, flown. No tethers, no obligation to the world but to play my guitar, shake my rattle, and record where they take me. I rhyme out incantations of gratitude, passion, joy, and love, but there is more-- for I am writing during the deep, dark dream of winter, and during Earth days that test the spirit, and stretch the soul. I am diving down into the darkest parts of the swirling, singing waters to bring back charms & treasures, tales & testimonies of the things that I find there. And so tonight I sit by the light of a single candle with half of an album written, and the other half skittering along the edges of my world like a half-remembered-yet-to-be-dream. In the shadows I can see the lights of other worlds, and hear the voice of inspiration, and creatures of the night. I surrender to the winter, and the tale she tells."

**Coming Soon**
Tumblr blog documenting Kai's personal thoughts & photos of her journey as she creates her first full length album due out in 2012.



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