Monday, March 19, 2012

The Blossoming Time

Journal Entry from Kai's Tumblr:

"Shy snowdrops are being born in my garden, and I kiss winter goodbye like a lover. Little faces stare to the earth, barely believing that the sun and soil have given them life, and I look back at my time with the winter muses here and gone in a white flash. Before the first frost, I planted little bulbs in the ground at the same time that I decided to retreat from the world to write an album. Now, like the little white dewy faces of the first flowers of spring, I look down at my path with wonder.

I was less open about the process than I expected to be with this blog. A few of my trials and triumphs were shared, but I found that to share much more about my experience beyond a few words (and lots of pictures that fuel my inspirations) would of been too much. The confidence and magick of an artist wax and wane like the moon, and to share the entire process of writing an album on my tumblr blog could of really made me look mad. One must go a little mad to get to the good stuff…

Here on the last day of winter, I find myself the new mother of many, many new songs dreams, and visions. I went inside to my deepest places and wrote a song at each bend in the road. It took (and continues to take) lots of courage to keep following that road. I documented an experience, and etched it along the insides of my soul in the vibrations of new music. The walls of my house know the sounds of the thing that will drive me when it all begins again. The world is calling me back, and although I will mourn a bit for my winter solitude coming to an end, I know I can always return when the time is right. Now, there are people to meet, place to go, songs to be sung, and new stories to be told. I welcome The Blossoming Time with open arms."



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