Wednesday, June 1, 2011

We're All In This Together

Song for Japan: We're All In This Together is now available on iTunes!
I honored to be asked by my friend Gabby Young to take part in the re-recording of her song as a benefit for the Japanese Relief Fund. Gabby says it best when she describes why we all came together for the project:

FROM GABBY: "When I discovered the news about the earthquake and ruin in Japan I felt what most of us felt- useless… But in the aftermath there is one thing that Japan needs a lot of right now… MONEY to rebuild, support and encourage them, and I realised that as a musician, I might be able to help afterall — but I’m going to need YOU and a lot of help! So what we did is re-recorded the vocals of our single ‘We’re All In This Together’ using singers/ musicians from across the world who are willing to give up some time and talent to help Japan with me."

Watch the creation of the song here (double click for full screen):

Please help us by downloading the song, and spreading the word about it to your circle of friends. Japan has dropped from media coverage, and many feel that they are being forgotten by the world. Let's show them that we are ALL still with them.



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