Friday, February 25, 2011

Updates & Love

Here's a little note from Kai-Land to tell you about some of the things that will be coming your way soon:

First off, I am INSANELY excited to announce a show with the talented, beautiful rising UK Star Gabby Young on March 14th at Southpaw in Brooklyn. I met Gabby a few months ago, and am so pleased that we will be re-united in Brooklyn for a show together next month. She is currently on a whirlwind world tour that will bring her through NYC, so don't miss your chance to see and hear this singing siren from across the seas. Her style, sweetness, and GORGEOUS "circus swing" music is sure to win your heart as it did mine. Check her out here. I've included one of my favorite pictures of her too, because she is so nice to look at:

In other news I have confirmed 2 performances with Earth Celebrations in April and May. Earth Celebrations is a non-profit organization in New York City, dedicated to fostering ecological awareness through the arts. Their programs address and effect change on issues such as: climate change, river species and habitat restoration, and the preservation of community gardens, parks, and a healthy urban environment in New York City. I will be performing at ACA Galleries at a benefit party with my dancers on April 23, and at the Hudson River Pageant on May 21. The pageant is a moving parade of marine beauty down the Hudson River, and an ongoing ecological community arts/theater project engaging youth and community to highlight restoration of the Hudson River Estuary’s native species and habitats. I guess I don't need to tell you that I'll be performing "Mamma Ocean" on this day. So plan on a parade for the waters of NYC with me, and wear your finest fish scales!

More updates coming VERY soon including: website revamps, new single on iTunes, Innerspace webcast date, and info about my GORGEOUS new backup dancer named Serena.

Love to all of you as the season slowly turns,




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