Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Spell. . .

I am watching the magnolia tree in my back yard wake from it's winter slumber, as I work long hours on a new song for Director Zina Brown's short film debut. You all know Zina's work from my music videos for "Here She Comes", and "Marilyn," and now you will know him for the bewitching spectacle that he is about to shoot in 2 weeks at the House of Yes. He tells me that the film will actually be a spell performed for the cameras by a cast of talented, beautiful, nymph-like women including: Sera Solstice, Ali Luminescent, Anya Sapozhnikova, Abby Hertz, and Nicotine.

For my part, I have written a new song called "Shine" that will be released along with the film, and feature vocals, and voice overs by my sister Veronica Varlow. I am once again honored to be a part of another group effort with the creative magicians in my life, and I am especially excited to share some new music with all of you! I promise to leak out some other demos and other little treats for you as the weather warms, I have been doing lots of writing.

Upcoming in Spring: Artist benefit @ Red Lotus room April 16, Variety Show @ The Players Theatre in May, "Mermaid Lagoon" Ocean Benefit, new single: "Shine," Performances with Veronica Varolow, Dead Till Tuesday, Solstice Dance Ensemble, and more.

Sending spring faeries, and wishes come true to all of you. . .


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