Monday, February 22, 2010

And then there was fire. . .

This week when The Wonderneath opens, my beautiful tribe will share our creations with hundreds of people over the course of 7 crystal entrusted performances. Armed with little more than glue guns, determination, and the timeless tale of the hero's journey, we have brought forth an offering from The Dreaming that will transport and bewitch you.

I am so, so happy to be working with my dear friend, and fellow mermaid Ali Luminescent. Her vision of The Wonderneath has allowed me to perform with people from every corner of my creative world. From fire, to aerial, to silly pixie hoola hoop, I have been inspired to a new height of fantasy and imagination. The excitement of collaborating with so many talented performers and makers is beyond description. I have never enjoyed a sewing machine so much, or talking long hours into the night about what it would really be like to fall into the underworld.

So when the curtain rises on us in all of our CRYSTALIZED (TM) glory on Friday, know that you are getting to see a little piece of my heart made real. The Wonderneath is an ancient tale retold for our time, and it is my story as much as it is Alice's (or in this case "Hailey's.") I have fallen into the dream of living as an artist and creator in the magickal land of New York City with the most extraordinary people in the world, and I am never ever going to wake up.

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